Vector Optimized Library of Kernels  1.4
Architecture-tuned implementations of math kernels
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Using VOLK

Using VOLK in your code requires proper linking and including the correct headers. VOLK currently supports both C and C++ bindings.

VOLK provides both a pkgconfig and CMake module to help configuration and linking. The pkfconfig file is installed to $install_prefix/lib/pkgconfig/volk.pc. The CMake configuration module is in $install_prefix/lib/cmake/volk/VolkConfig.cmake.

The header in the VOLK include directory (includedir in pkgconfig, VOLK_INCLUDE_DIRS in cmake module) contains the header volk/volk.h defines all of the symbols exposed by VOLK. Alternatively individual kernel headers are in the same location.

In most cases it is sufficient to call the dispatcher for the kernel you are using. For example the following code will compute the dot product between the taps and input vector as part of a FIR filter.

// assume there is sufficient history in the input buffer
for(unsigned int ii=0; ii < input_length-ntaps; ++ii) {
volk_32fc_32f_dot_prod_32fc(filter_output[ii], input[ii-ntaps] taps, ntaps);