There are several libraries and tools leveraging SIMD processors with different techniques. The table below is an attempt to list similar libraries that are known to the authors of VOLK and provide a high-level comparison of libraries. This is not meant to be an authoritative list of SIMD-optimizing projects as much as a resource to begin the decision making process.

Library License Brief Description Hardware Targets
VOLK GPLv3 Hand-tuned routines with a generic CPU dispatcher SSE*, AVX, AVX2, NEON
Yeppp! 3-clause BSD GTRI research project SSE*, AVX, AVX2, FMA, NEON, NEONv2
Vc LGPLv3 SIMD Vector classes for C++ SSE*, AVX
libsimdpp Boost License C++ wrapper for SIMD intrinsics SSE2+, AVX, AVX2, FMA, AVX-512, NEON
Ne10 3-clause BSD Math functions optimized for ARM NEON
Intel IPP proprietary Math routines optimized for Intel processors SSE*, AVX, AVX2, AVX-512
Libm AMD License Extended libm with vectorized routines for AMD processors