Copyright Assignment

VOLK is a sub-project of GNU Radio. As such copyright is owned by the Free Software Foundation. Before VOLK accepts significant (>10 lines) changes from an individual we need a copyright assignment. See Why the FSF gets copyright assignment from contributors for the rationale. To start the process contact Ben Hilburn or Nathan West.

Working on VOLK

Git workflow

The official git code is tracked on two branches with git. The maint branch is where bug fixes belong. The master branch is where everything else goes.

Checkout the branch appropriate for your change and start a new branch with a short name describing your feature. The branch name should be meaningful in the git log if it appears in a merge commit.

The first line of every commit message should be less than 70 characters with the following format

component name: brief summary that is less than 70 characters

If more detail is needed, skip a line and add more detail. Keep lines to less than 80 characters.

Submitting Your Changes

The preferred method of submitting changes is through a Github Pull Request to For smaller changes you can upload a patchfile generated by git to the issue tracker.

If you have substantial changes and prefer to not use Github then send a note on IRC or the mailing list describing your changes and a link to a publically available git repository.

All pull requests and patch series will be tested by running ctest on x86_64 (64-bit), x86 (32-bit), and armv7hf architectures.