Vector-Optimized Library of Kernels : Maintenance Release v1.0.2

Release v1.0.2

This is a relatively minor maintenance release with bug fixes since v1.0.1.


The following have contributed code to this release:


The major change is the CMake logic to add ASM protokernels. Rather than depending on CFLAGS and ASMFLAGS we use the results of VOLK's built in has_ARCH tests. All configurations should work the same as before, but manually specifying CFLAGS and ASMFLAGS on the cmake call for ARM native builds should no longer be necessary.

The 32fc_s32fc_x2_rotator_32fc generic protokernel now includes a previously implied header.

Finally, there is a fix to return the "best" protokernel to the dispatcher when no volk_config exists. Thanks to Alexandre Raymond for pointing this out.