Hi everyone,

we have a new VOLK release v2.2.0!

We want to thank all contributors. This release wouldn't have been possible without them.

We're curious about VOLK users. Especially we'd like to learn about VOLK users who use VOLK outside GNU Radio.

If you have ideas for VOLK enhancements, let us know. Start with an issue to discuss your idea. We'll be happy to see new features get merged into VOLK.

The v2.1.0 release was rather large because we had a lot of backlog. We aim for more incremental releases in order to get new features out there.


VOLK v2.2.0 updates our build tools and adds support functionality to make it easier to use VOLK in your projects.

  • Dropped Python 2 build support
    • Removed Python six module dependency
  • Use C11 aligned_alloc whenever possible
    • MacOS posix_memalign fall-back
    • MSVC _aligned_malloc fall-back
  • Add VOLK version in volk_version.h (included in volk.h)
  • Improved CMake code
  • Improved code with lots of refactoring and performance tweaks



  • CMake
    • Fix detection of AVX and NEON
    • Fix for macOS
    • lib/CMakeLists: use asm instead of asm for ARM tests
    • lib/CMakeLists: fix detection when compiler support NEON but nor neonv7 nor neonv8
    • lib/CMakeLists.txt: use VOLK_ASM instead of __asm
    • lib/CMakeLists.txt: let VOLK choose preferred neon version when both are supported
    • lib/CMakeLists.txt: simplify neon test support. Unset neon version if not supported
    • For attribute, change from clang to "clang but not MSC"
  • Readme
    • logo: Add logo at top of README.md
  • Build dependencies
    • python: Drop Python2 support
    • python: Reduce six usage
    • python: Move to Python3 syntax and modules
    • six: Remove build dependency on python six
  • Allocation
    • alloc: Use C11 aligned_alloc
    • alloc: Implement fall backs for C11 aligned_alloc
    • alloc: Fix for incomplete MSVC standard compliance
    • alloc: update to reflect alloc changes
  • Library usage
    • Fixup VolkConfigVersion
    • add volk_version.h
  • Refactoring
    • qa_utils.cc: fix always false expression
    • volk_prefs.c: check null realloc and use temporary pointer
    • volk_profile.cc: double assignment and return 0
    • volk_32f_x2_pow_32f.h: do not need to _mm256_setzero_ps()
    • volk_8u_conv_k7_r2puppet_8u.h: d_polys[i] is positive
    • kernels: change one iteration for's to if's
    • kernels: get rid of some assignments
    • qa_utils.cc: actually throw something
    • qa_utils.cc: fix always true code
    • rotator: Refactor AVX kernels
    • rotator: Remove unnecessary variable
    • kernel: Refactor square_dist_scalar_mult
    • square_dist_scalar_mult: Speed-Up AVX, Add unaligned
    • square_dist_scalar_mult: refactor AVX2 kernel
    • kernel: create AVX2 meta intrinsics
  • CI
    • appveyor: Test with python 3.4 and 3.8
    • appveyor: Add job names
    • appveyor: Make ctest more verbose
  • Performance
    • Improve performance of generic kernels with complex multiply
    • square_dist_scalar_mult: Add SSE version
    • Adds NEON versions of cos, sin and tan